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Dear Cathy and Staff,

Making the choice to be a working mom or be a stay at home mom was a very difficult decision for me. When I finally decided I would go back to work the next step would be to find the daycare provider that would be just right for my baby. This turned out to be alot harder then I had anticipated. I had visited several centers and still had no luck finding the place I felt was just right. Was I being too picky? How could that be? I would be leaving my baby in someone else's care all day long? This would be her home away from home. I wasn't be to picky.

I spoke with several friends that had children in daycare, and I was told that when you found the right place you will feel it in your gut. A gut feeling, that was how I was to determine where my baby would be spending her time away from me. Maybe I should rethink my decision about being a working mother. Then, I stumbled across New England Preschool Academy, I had no appointment but I walked in anyway. I was greeted by Cathy DelGreco, at that time the director/president. She was very enthusiastic about her recently opened center, 6 weeks at the time of my visit. She was very patient as I went through my list of 100 questions and even understood when I requested to see the inside of the refrigerator. I finally understood what friends meant about the gut feeling. I had it. I felt the gut feeling.

My baby entered N.E.P.A. in March of 1993. She was 5 months old. Now my baby (big girl) is 5 years old and will be leaving N.E.P.A. in the fall when she begins first grade. N.E.P.A. and the wonderful staff have become a part of our family. I want to say to all of you, Thank You. Thank you for every time you have hugged or kissed my baby, for every tear you dried, for every game you played with her for every puzzle made, for all the academic lessons as well as lessons in social skills. I knew that when I left my child for the day she would be safe cared for and loved. I could go to work with peace of mind. The proof would be when I returned to pick her up, she would be happy, smiling and ready to share her exciting and busy day with me.

As we leave N.E.P.A. behind we will be taking with us many friendships and happy memories. Thanks so much.

Sincerely, Colleen E.

Dear Prospective Family,

My daughter has been attending New England Preschool Academy since March of 2010.  Her experience has been both positive and a great learning experience.  She is always very excited to join her teachers and friends in the morning.

New England Preschool Academy is a warm, caring and stimulating environment and I would recommend this daycare to anyone searching for quality care for their child.  My husband and I feel very lucky to have found a place and people we can trust with our most prized possession!

Hope this letter helps in making your decision.

Sincerely, Morgen Carillo

Here's my story:

I am a mother of 2, both children go to NEPA.  My son (Austin) is 6 and my daughter is 3 (Kaylee).

Austin started going to NEPA when he was just 18 months old.  He started at the Windsor Locks center.  As you are probably feeling I was nervous to leave my first born in the hands of a stranger and a new environment.  As expected on the first day of drop off, Austin cried his little heart out, and I cried too.  The staff at NEPA made me feel like this was Austin's second home.  They didn't care that I called like all parents do to check on my baby.

We left NEPA for a period of time while I was a stay at home mom.  When it came time to put the kids in trusted hands there was only one place we would go.  NEPA!  Again, feeling like this was my children's second home we were welcomed back with open arms.  Kaylee is now in the preschool classroom.

The staff at NEPA is full of fun loving, caring individuals.  Every teacher wants the best for your child.  Even the teachers that do not have direct teachings with my children know their names and want to learn more about them.  The staff's number one priority (besides safety of course) is the happiness of both parents and child.  The staff goes out of their way on a daily basis.  NEPA has become our second home.  I highly recommend NEPA to all parents.

Both of my children absolutely love going to NEPA.  Kaylee will ask to go to "her" school even on days she's not scheduled.

I completely understand where you are coming from.  If your child is not with you, you want them in the best hands possible.  At NEPA you will never have to worry about your child.

I wish you the best of luck in your search for a daycare.  I hope me telling you my story helped at least a little.

Regards, Mother of Kaylee and Austin


My name is Aimee.  My two boys Alex 3 and a half and Maddox 6 go to NEPA.  I was a stay at home mom for years and the whole thought of my kids going to daycare really scared me.  I can assure you NEPA hands down is the best daycare in town.  Prior to me sending my boys I was a school bus driver.  I had a kindergarten student that I dropped off every afternoon to NEPA.  This is where I built my impression of them.  Their staff goes above and beyond.

When choosing a daycare I brought both my boys with me so they could also help me decide.  My first time in there I went into the office to go over paperwork.  Both my boys were told they could play in their designated age rooms.  When it came time to leave they both begged to stay.  Needless to say I left there knowing this was the place for me and my boys.  They still to this day beg to stay longer.  They also look forward every morning to going.  I couldn't be happier.  My son Alex is in the preschool program.  His teacher Ms. Donna is fabulous.  I was worried about him taking a nap.  He hasn't napped since he was 2.  He had no problem at all transitioning.

Like I said I love NEPA.  I hope you and your family find this helpful.


Dear NEPA Staff,

This Friday, May 17th, will be my daughter's last day with NEPA.  She will be attending JFK Middle School in September, and we no longer need day care services for her.

Kaitlyn has been with NEPA for approximately 6.5 years, and I want to thank everyone who has cared for her over the years.  She has been very happy there, and I have always had peace of mind knowing she was in good hands with you.

She will miss all of you...and so will I.

Sincerely, Michelle Blethen


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