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Our Preschool Program was developed to ensure that your child will be ready to enter the public school system.  We utilize a program from Macmillian/McGraw-Hill made for Pre-Kindergarten.  This program contains elements that:

  • Explore language skills such as speaking, listening, and thinking

  • Explore songs and poems that highlight vocabulary, new concepts, and new ideas

  • Responds and explores through drawing and writing to express and communicate ideas

In addition to the above points:

  • Classroom routines provide continuity and balance to a child's day that promotes personal and social development

  • Learning centers enriched by classroom teachers' use of curriculum components that support learning through independent and small-group exploration

  • Hands-on activities that strengthen language development, writing, comprehension, alphabetic knowledge, phonology, print, and book-awareness are offered

  • The curriculum is developmentally appropriate for Preschoolers ages 3-5

  • Each month the class explores a different shape, color, letters, and number through hands-on activities, play, games, and art

  • Each month covers a different learning theme with the teachers choosing how to best present this to their group


NEPA utilizes the Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Beginning to Read, Write and Listen program.  This is a phonics-based program, which consists of twenty-four workbooks that are completed over the course of the school year.  Initially teacher directed, this program eventually becomes student directed.  These books focus on letter formation and sounds, but also includes other essential skills, such as:

Visual discrimination, listening skills, following multi-stepped direction, indentifying letter sounds in the initial, middle, and final position, comprehension skills, reinforces name, sound, and formation of current letter as well as past letters, and blending letter sounds to read words.

The teacher combines the letter book program with other language, art, and music activities to round out the curriculum.

The students also cover topics in math, science, social studies, and literature.  During their day, the children will have the opportunity to visit classroom centers such as art, dramatic play, blocks, manipulative science, library, and math.

Writing and reading skills are emphasized and taught using hands-on activities and repetition.  This entire program is based on ensuring that the children are successful, yet it also provides a challenging atmosphere.


Our School Age Program includes:

Before and After school care

School Vacations and Holidays

Full Summer Program

In addition, at all times, our children are offered:

Arts and Crafts:  Available on a free-choice basis.  Open-ended art emphasizes the process, not the product.  Through art and crafts the children develop fine motor skills, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Indoor and Outdoor Games:  Outdoor games are used to develop gross and fine motor skills, social skills, body awareness, and self-confidence.  Games are chosen in which every child can succeed.

Homework Help:  Each day a teacher is available to help the children with homework, thus freeing up their time at home to spend with friends and family.

Computer:  The classroom will have computers available with various games loaded that will emphasize thinking skills, logic, problem solving, and academic knowledge.

Classroom Centers:  We offer classroom centers such as dramatic play, construction, science, library, and manipulative.

Summer Program:  Our summer program features field trips that include swimming lessons, bowling, mini-golf, museums, hiking, movies, and more.  We also invite magicians, musicians, clowns, and animal handlers into our classroom as well as offer many fun and exciting activities during the day!


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