Company Name :  

Brief History of Company Name :  
(if applicable, an explanation of how
the name or brand came-to-be)

Location(s) :  

Years in Business :  

Number of Employees :  

Products or Services Sold :  

Mission Statement :  

Company Goal / Challenges :  
(i.e. capturing public attention,
working in a saturated market,
keeping pace with technology, etc.)

Who is Your Competition? :  
(if possible, please list names and websites
of direct competitors for comparison purposes)

Who is Your Target Demographic? :  

What attributes do you want clients
to associate with your company? :  
(i.e. trustworthy, clean / professional, balanced,
approachable, inventive, "hip / cool", etc.)

How will the branding be used?  Will it
be adapted to different media types? :  
(i.e. website / online use, print work,
business cards, letterheads, etc.)

Does the logo include a tagline?
(i.e. "Just Do It", or "Think Different")

Type of logo desired?

Company color(s) and/or preferences? :  

Any specific imagery/colors you
don't want us to use?

Additional comments :