BIG FireCell update coming...soon!
Seeing as my focus has been on getting Interlife Designs up-to-date as of late, the FireCell site has really been put on the backburner.  There's a huge update planned for this site coming within the next month or two, however - stay tuned for more details, as they'll be revealed slowly until the launch of the new "site".  Until then, stay tuned.
Posted July 29, 2012

Interlife Designs 2012 has launched!
The 2012 release of Interlife Designs has launched as scheduled, and is available online for immediate viewing!  We really pulled out all the stops with this year's site design, and hope you all like it.  Note: the site's in its "beta" phase throughout the month of March while we enhance the pages, tweak any bugs we find, etc.  Feel free to send any feedback to us at !
Posted January 25, 2012

Interlife Designs 2011 coming 1.23
Now that FireCell Productions is online, we're working hard over at the Interlife office to bring a new site design for 2011.  This update is not only refreshing the look for our parent company, but is bringing several new features to the site as well.  Real-time client progress, downloadable wallpapers, and our new store-front are just a few of the features to look forward to.  Check out the new site, coming January 23, 2011.
Posted January 10, 2011

FireCell Productions goes live
My latest project, courtesy of parent company Interlife Designs, goes live!  FireCell Productions is here to feature some of my personal favorites in the work that our company has put together over the years, as well as showcase some personal projects that don't quite fit on our company website.  Stay tuned to see all the latest news regarding both FireCell Productions and Interlife Designs, and we'll see where the site goes!
Posted January 1, 2011

FireCell joins Facebook, Twitter
In an attempt to help promote the new site, I've added FIreCell to the popular social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.  Keep in touch via your preferred account(s) to find out all the latest information regarding FireCell, and feel free to leave feedback and suggestions!
Posted July 1, 2010

FireCell goes gold
The concept for a subsidiary company to Interlife Designs is made official - once the site is created, updates will be posted via Facebook, Twitter, and Interlife Designs.  Stay tuned...
Posted June 1, 2010