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Martyn Webster - AUDI RS4

It is a 250 mile round trip for me to attend Connor's Day, but it is a journey I am more than happy to make to help towards making it an amazing day for him. I will be there in my Audi RS4, one of only approx 350 in the UK, so hopefully another rarity for him to enjoy looking round :)

~Martyn (dest - www.audisrs.com)


See the entire stats / mods list for this impressive Subaru here.

Neil & Amy Morton - NISSAN 200SX


Hello from Idaho U.S.A

Saw this story and for obvious reasons I would not be able to attend however I would like to show my support by sending him a picture of my show car, off road truck and my 2 off road race vehicles. Hopefully seeing something a little different will add a little more excitement for him. I know he is going to have an amazing time and he deserves it.

Thank you and everyone involved for what you are doing. It helps restore a little faith in humanity and is amazing that car enthusiasts from all around the world are supporting and coming together for this.

Thank you
Ian Twitchell

Jack McLuckie - BMW 5 & HONDA CIVIC TYPE-R

From the second I heard about this day – I knew I’d have to make the trip to be there to show my support for the brave little fella! There’s a few of us making the journey from Guernsey in the Channel Islands; Even though it’s an impromptu 750 mile round trip over 3 days, crossing land and sea, I was most worried about asking the boss for the weekend off!

Keep a look out for the Blue 5 series BMW & the Black Civic type R; with the black and silver GBG registration plates. Most likely covered in dead flies and stone-chips from along the journey!

Jack McLuckie
SarniaCarClub, Guernsey

Banny - SUBARU STi

See the entire stats / mods list for this impressive Subaru here.

Nazir Hussain - HONDA CIVIC

See the entire stats / mods list for this impressive Honda here.

Tom Armitage & David Taylor -

I read about Connor's day after receiving messages from friends, facebook posts and a few messages on forums and YouTube, Its amazing how far and fast word has spread about this day. After I had read about it I knew I had to do something to be a part of it and show my support, We all like different makes, models and styles of car but at the end of the day we are all car enthusiasts and Connor is one of us, I think its great how so many people with a mutual love of modified cars (and even standard cars) can all get together at a time like this and show so much support to a fellow car enthusiast when they need it the most. Thank you to everyone getting involved even if you can't make it, Its going to be a kick ass car show, It should be an awesome day for Connor.

The Pat van is currently stripped down getting a once over and a few modifications but we are going to rush to get it all built back up for Connor's Day. Its not the most serious, fast or fancy of cars but it seems to make people smile. If you want to know anything about the Pat van there is information, pictures and videos at www.patvan.co.uk

Tom. (TomHazard)


I have watched this thread unfold on scoobynet, and decided that my faith in humanity has been restored, I also have 2 new hero's. Alex Roy, he's travelling from NYC just to attend, and of course Connor what a brave lad. Wouldn't miss this for the world. James aka Jamo on scoobynet.



A big hello to a little brave lad. I saw this and felt i just had to support it.

As far as I’m aware I’m the only modified 4x4 going so.. gulp!! hopefully you will like it. we used to have kitted up BMW but found we couldn’t use its power on the roads due to speed cameras. So now we get our fix offroading with a modified V8 under the right foot, far more fun climbing mountains.

Hope you enjoy your special day
Daz & Liz


I'm on the list as kenwood4640, list no 379,,pic attached is my evo fq330 but it wont be there as I'm flying over from sweden so the car will be back here, will be in my sons car, fiat that's a bit modded up, pic also attached

thanks , mick

Dominic - NISSAN R35 GT-R

Hi I’m Dominic i will be coming and i own a red R35 GTR Nissan. Can I just say you have done a brill job in organizing this


Tony Bagworth - 1970 FORD MUSTANG COUPE

Just to confirm I will be there on Saturday with my 1970 Ford Mustang Coupe. I'm not travelling too far from Darfield near Barnsley and wouldn't miss this opportunity to help make a little boys day special.
I found out about this amazing day through the Mini forum, (I also have a 1980 Mini 1275 GT), I think the Mustang may be a liitle more memorable on the day.
I'm down as attendee number 300 on the list you have.

Thanks and Regards.
Tony (Bagpuss127)


Stephendjb's Project Stealth Toyota Aristo currently aiming for 650hp while trying to keep the exterior looking as stock as possible.

Andrew Wright - FORD ANGLIA

Please find some pictures of my, and my brother’s Anglia attached which will be attending.

Kind regards,
Andrew. (AndehW on the list).


Hi Connor, hope you have a great day with the Scooby's shame i can't go but here is a few photos of my car just to see what you were missing ;)
Iain (Lancs Clubbie).


Click on image to download full-size version

Dear Connor,

I've made you a computer drawing for your upcoming car show. It is of a 1996 Porsche GT1, customized with your name on the side. Feel free to print it out and put it on your wall!

Enjoy your show, I know you will! Have fun!


Peter Tomczynski - VOLKSWAGEN BORA

Hi Connor I hope you will have a great day :)
heres a link to my thread on UKMKIVS


I’m sure you’ve got loads but thought I might send you a pic of my 2001 Mitsubishi FTO GPX for the website. If you’d like any further info, let me know :-)


Hi, my name is lee woods (woods1) and i am car 457 on the list coming in my s14a. just thought id send a few pics in for you if youd like to use them on your web site.



Hey Connor - can't make it bro as I'm stuck over here in the States but I wanted to share my car on your site so you can still see it!  Good luck and have a blast at the car show!!

Nial Evans - TOYOTA GT4

Keith Smith - INDY KIT CAR

Just a quick pick of my Indy kit car,hoping to see you sat-work permitting,have a great day


Hugh Henderson - SUBARU WRX STi

Sorry we can't make this but we would like to wish you all the best
for the 8th and I'm sure Connor will have one hell of a good day, just
attached a few pic's of my car for Connor to have a look at

Hope you have a really good day young man

All the best
Hughy , Sylv , and Little Jake

Justin Hinchliffe - SUBARU MCRAE IMPREZA

Hi there,

Having owned it since early 2009 I've attended many events and supported the Colin McRae Vision Retail unit up and down the country. Only 200 of these special edition Impreza's were built and this one is number 108. During my time supporting the McRae Vision I've been lucky enough to meet many stars and of course the McRae family, who are great. I've had the dashboard signed by Jimmy, Alister, Alison and Hollie McRae and also Ken Block.
I will be assisting with the Marshalling on this special day.

Best regards
Justin Hinchliffe

Lewy Taylor - BMW E64 645CI

Hi Connor, looking forward to this HUGE meet up, looks like there will be some amazing cars!
See you there!
Lewy, BMWEnthusiasts.co.uk


Connor hello I would like to meet this Saturday, but it has an ocean in the way, so I am sending you a picture to see my Wv Voyage, and my daughters (the largest is called Iris, and Bianca lowest) Together ok with me, Have fun and tell me what you thought then, hugs his friend Eros Reis straight from Brazil.

Christian Leigh - VAUXHALL ASTRA GSi

Brian Johnson - 1966 AUSTIN HEALEY 3000

My name is Brian Johnson, and this is my 1966 Austin Healey 3000. My father purchased it before I was born, and passed it down to me this past year. We are both enjoying the car together, and wish we could make the show, but there is a very large ocean between the show and the car! Have a great show, and wish we could attend!

Brian Johnson

Tim, Helen, & Fast Eddie - BLACK HOT ROD


We have been tipped off about this special event (and passed this email address) and such a terrible news and sad story and told we must simply take our vehicle to this to help make the little boys dream come true. Hopefully you will have room for the Meanest Nastiest Black Hot Rod in West Yorkshire, 34 coupe photo attached + Tot Rod

Hope to see you late afternoon tomorrow.
Tim, Helen & Fast Eddie


I will be bringing my 2 boys to the show as they are both car mad and would fully understand Connors passion for modified cars. Looking forward to it, see ya there with Camera in hand,

Simon Underhill aka stundies (Mitsubishi Lancer Register) Vehicle #493

Adam Cave - 1986 AUSTIN MINI

Hi Connor, unfortunately I'm not going to be able to make it to this great occasion, so i thought I’d send some pictures of my 1986 Austin Mini. Hope the day goes great.

Best wishes,


Hey Connor, I can't make it but I feel I have a pretty special car you'd like to see anyways. It's always been my dream car, and I finally found one here in Colorado. It's a 2004 Audi A4 Avant Ultra Sport in Arctic White with a 6 speed manual. I love this car. I hope you have a wonderful event.

Bet wishes
Jim Torrey
Colorado Springs, CO



Coming from USA to bring Connor a Morgan 3 wheeler ride courtesy of Charles Morgan jr and the Morgan Motor Car family! I look forward to seeing you there!

Alex Roy

Terry Wilkes - MITSUBISHI Mk1 GTO-TT

Hi Connor and Zippy,

Have been following this thread ever since it was put on GTOUK, I wont be able to attend even though I would have liked to as family commitments dictate otherwise.

From what I’ve been reading you are one special boy, I have a grandson the same age, and having all these cars in attendance just for you, you must be made up.

From “ just_cool GTOUK

My car is a standard Mk1 GTO Twin Turbo in silver, Wolf Meister Racing wheels K&N filter & BOV, black leather interior and a few engine dress up parts.


I just got word of this on an MG forum. I hope that the car show is
bigger and better than any that Connor has been to and that he has a
wonderful day.

I am enclosing a couple of pics of some of my cars. My everyday cars
are Subaru's and have owned several of them over the last 22 years when
we first got my mother to buy a 1990 Legacy. The car is still with the
family and has only 66,000 miles on it.

York, PA
1952 MG TD
1960 MGA
1966 MGB
1960 Austin-Healey 3000
1962 Austin-Healey 3000
1969 Jaguar XKE 2+2
1970 Volvo 1800E
1985 Mazda RX7

Susan McDonald

Good Luck Conner, from the McDonald family in Akron, New York, USA


Hi Connor,

We are a Car Club in New Jersey called the North Jersey Cruisers, we heard how much you love cars, but couldn't come over to the UK to meet you, so here are a few pictures of our cars, hope you like them and have a great day.
Rohit Venkat
for the North Jersey Cruisers


Hello how are you my friend?

I could not be present at the meeting car because I live in Rio de Janeiro Brazil but I am sending a picture of a car that I bought that I love is a Peugeot 306 Cabriolet year 1995, I consider a classic and I find it very beautiful. It runs very smooth on the road has a good gearbox that makes the car develops well, it consumes little road has a 1800cc engine.

I do not know if you like but rescued a few days a buggy that was in my family since it was brand new and abandoned, will be a cool project, and it uses chassis VW 1600cc air-cooled engine and simple and his name is Tanger.

I am sending you pictures of cars by email and if you want to access the facebook profile Buggy just access the address http://www.meutanger.com.br

A hug.
Henry Miranda


Hey Connor,

How's it going buddy!
This is my Camaro!
Believe in your dreams!
Have faith and enjoy every moment with his parents!
Love them every day!
A strong Hug of a distant friend!

Eduardo Fraga
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil


For the most courageous car fan in the World... Connor!


Dear Connor,

Here some pics of the Brazillian Mopars for you!
we are all here supporting you!

heads up man!!

Mario Ribeiro de Matos - MULTIPLE VEHICLES


Roughly Translated:
"Hello Connor,
I'm in Brazil and had no way to come to your event, but I hope you like the photos. This is my 2-year old daughter, Mahara.
A big kiss in your heart!
Your friend forever,


Boa noite!
Vi a matéria na internet e fiquei emocionado com a história.
Moro em Taubaté, São Paulo, Brasil, tenho uma loja de carros e também sou apaixonado por carros, estive em Nova York e tirei essa foto. Acho que vai gostar.
Força garoto, te desejo tudo de melhor.
Grande abraço.

Roughly Translated:
"Good night!
I saw the subject on the internet and was thrilled with the story.
I live in Taubate, Sao Paulo, Brazil, have a car shop and am also passionate about cars, I was in New York and took this photo. I think you'll like.
Force kid, I wish you all the best.
Big hug."

Vinicius Monteiro - MULTIPLE VEHICLES

Connor I and my family are praying for you.
The following photos of my toys and my daughters taken especially for you.
A big kiss to your heart.
Very force for you and family.
that God is always with you

Renato Marcellino

Good evening,
My name is Renato'm from Brazil and I was moved by the story.
May God bless the lives of Connor and his family. This event makes us review some of our everyday attitudes. We need to look more to the needs of people around us.

Vou escrever uma frase em portugues minha lingua.
Connor força esperança.
Familia que Deus conforte seus corações.

Big hug.
Renato Marcellino.

G.M.Marlo - JEEP

Ao pequeno Connors : Que Deus ilumine teus caminhos e te dê forças para superar tudo isso, e em nossas orações estamos todos pedindo muito por ti, que você fique curado logo , porque para o nosso maravilhoso Deus nada é impossível. Parabéns pelo teu pai que também muito nos emocionou com sua força e determinação em atender seu pedido . QUE DEUS OS PROTEJA E ESTAMOS MUITO TORCENDO POR VCS !

Roughly Translated:
"When small Connors: May God illuminate your ways and give you strength, and we are all in our prayers asking a lot for you, because for our wonderful God nothing is impossible. Congratulations on your father also very thrilled us with his ​​strength and determination to fulfill your order. THAT GOD PROTECT AND WE ARE VERY TWISTING BY VCS!"

Roberta Santana Peres

Hello Connor.
I am really unhappy because I couldn't be there.
I live in Brazil so far from you, but I love cars too.
I just want to say that u are really a handsome guy and so much special
because u are the champion of life.
Keep being so cute as you are and making your family so happy like them are now
because they have your love.
I will pray every single night hoping that God may bless you and make you open your eyes
in the morning with that beautiful smile and lovely face.
Peace honey.
Roberta Santana Peres
From Brasilia


Hi Connor!

I hope you enjoyed this event dedicated to you, a lover of cars! Sorry not attend this event but I am a bit far! but I really liked ..

Here some pictures of my 1993 VW Voyage Sport modified walking the streets of Campinas - São Paulo, Brazil.. I hope you enjoy!

thank you very much!
Lucas Fabri

Guilherme Gomes

Hi, i’m from brazil, because this, I’ll sent my photos, in memoryan Connor’s

Guilherme Gomes

Nick & Liz Szabo - PORSCHE 944 TURBO &

Hey Connor! Hope you have an awesome day at the car show! I can't make it, since I am in the US, but I wanted to share my 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo and my 2003 Hyundai Tiburon with you!
Nick and Liz


Hey there, Connor - hope you have an absolute blast at your big event!  I can't make it out as I'm stuck over in the States, but please enjoy these photos of my Mitsubishi Eclipse!

The response to this entire event has been absolutely overwhelming - thanks to everyone that's scrambled to make such a big event possible.

Have fun, Connor!

Want your car and information here?

Please note: vehicle registration for Connor's Day 2012 has officially closed

We've had an overwhelming response to this event, and currently have a roster of over 1000 vehicles attending Connor's Day 2012!  Unfortunately, we're simply out of room to host any more vehicles, but everyone is still encouraged to attend and enjoy looking at all the cars that have made it into the show!

If you are already registered for Connor's Day 2012 but haven't submitted your vehicle photos and information for this page yet, you're still encouraged to do so by e-mailing us at webmaster@interlifedesigns.net

We'll be adding more photos to this website each evening between now and the car show, so feel free to send any and all information you'd like posted!

This list was last updated on September 13, 2012
at 10:30AM Central Time (GMT -6 hours)



1. Busta-wrx blob wagon
2. scooby Steve from wys-uk300 impreza
3. adewrx-impreza wagon
4. ollie997-impreza sti
5. banny- type r impreza
6. toneh-bug impreza
7. TX [911 C2]
8. Skullfudge (P1)
9. dave-w-
10. Jimmy- mkiv supra owners club
11. type-rob
12. KrissbyB (P1)
13. Paul N (P1)
14. JCscooby (P1)
15. stedee ypco
16. stig3105 ypco
17. massive ypco
18. b18dave ypco
19. craig2511 ypco
20. tommo ypco
21. Evobull
22. Ae82mad
23. Focus jay.
24. D11AKS
25. danny85turbo
26. Samuelellis - Mondeo estate
27. Kevin STi
28. Killer2005 Honda S2k
29. Mr_toad AKA Ian
30. Blackpool-z32 - silver 350z gt
31. -Serratia - Yellow Gen 7 Celica
32. Little Vodka Goblin - red blobeye Impreza (SIDC)
33. Bean1984 snet essex region
34. adesti - blue modified impreza turbo 1999
36. Einstein RA (Maz) Blue Blobyeye
37. mattkilley white classic impreza
38. LeeP
39. wayne. fabia vrs/astra Zlet 3.5
40. scoobynewbie72.
41. G.Mac
42. scooby222
43. JMerrie - Audi S3 8P (VWR/APR)
44.gsijob wys
45 greenclassic mike and yas
46 shaggy cads
47 10bats cads
48 Capt.Mike Evo MLR
49 Eggy790 - Black Bugeye Yellow Cage
50 Emmaroids
51 Iggy - RB320 (RB320oc)
52 ammar (almera gti)
53. Jamo ~ Porsche 944 S2
54. Kennyboyd31 - Bugeye PPP
55. Brad(worzel)Kenyon (sxoc)
56. -Tom Coupe - Grey Gen 7 Celica
57. Oranges - Bugeye WRX
58. frodobaggins P1
59. Lewy_T - BMW 645ci vert
60. GWJ Jaguar X-Type Estate
61. GC8 - 944 Turbo
62. Foxdie - VXR8 (from VXROnline)
63. Lee1080 - Scooby
64. Scoobyjoff - Classic Impreza (SIDC)
65. Smiffy852 - Newage Impreza (SIDC)
66. Matthias rolfe, bmw e46 3 series
67. Foxmod - Ferrari 430 Scudera (Supercar Driver)
68. Aaron-B-Wrx
69. Subkar - Bugeye WRX
70. 911boxster
71. Type-ra - type-ra.co.uk
72. JamesBaby - Golf R32 (R32OC)
73. Stefan88 mk5 Golf R32 (R32OC)
74. Jura and latso wrx wagon
75. Deano1988 - rb5
76. Drago79pl - WRX STI v10 (SIDC)
77. Frankie32 - Golf R32 (R32OC)
78. Captainoats5 - Golf R32 (R32OC)
79. Adam and June SN/ Border Sports and Performance Owners Club,scotland
80. S3dave - 8L S3 - Audisport.net
81. Smc ste
82. Nige
83. BenRK
84. Spence
85. C2ash
86. ViperSRi
87. Frank_man
88. Tinkerbell
89. LTR
90. Fawcett212
91. Gazmondo
92. The General
93. Mcbride
94. mebs
95. tomelmer
96. Fatboy
97. Vinyl worx
98. FTO-GPX (Mitsubishi FTO GPX) (ftooc.org)
99. Diesel2000 (Beetle V5 Sport)
101. Cockney Wideboy (aka Chris1983 on other forums) - Impreza STi, complete with full rally decals
102. Bottlebecks
103. Chris 280 (P1)
104. Tempo (P1)
105. kevmack
106. Lewist109 - jeep grand cherry, heavily modified
107. largeSteve
108. nshaunluke in Wrx wagon
109. Cookla mondeo st
110. mattylufc87
111. wrxbart green sprint car
112. dominic1 Red Nissan R35 GTR
113. The Polishing Booth (simpsons) LADS
114. Scalesy from LADS in a Bug STI
115. Shann - Mitsubishi FTO (ftooc.org)
116. Layts - Mitsubishi FTO (ftooc.org)
117. Jane - Mitsubishi FTO (ftooc.org)
118. watoo vxr - VXRONLINE
119. Webbo_VXR - VXRONLINE
120. Baz07 - VXRONLINE
121. Corsa9017 - VXRONLINE
122. Geordie076 - VXRONLINE
123. CameronUK - VXRONLINE
124. holtt - VXRONLINE
125. nurburgnicky & Norm - VXRONLINE
126. Smarty_Berg_062 - VXRONLINE
127. Eamonn & Mandy VXR - VXRONLINE
128. vxrDannyT - VXRONLINE
129. Chilli - VXRONLINE
130. mr gtir White Evo VI reg H* WYC
131. Hodgy vxr - VXRONLINE
132. jonny23 - VXRONLINE
133. bennettastravxr - VXRONLINE
135. Plastermick541 - VXRONLINE
136. c19urg - VXRONLINE
137. Anakin -TT RS -R32OC
138. DazM- Rotrex MK V R32 -R32OC
139. Ben182 clio 182 cliosport.net
140. kartingsteve WRX
141. Paul O - Porsche 911 Cabrio (Supercar Driver)
142. Moc - Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale (Supercar Driver)
143. Rick - Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale (Supercar Driver)
144. Jonty - Ferrrari 355 Spider (Supercar Driver)
145. Pugs - Lotus Exige (Supercar Driver)
146. David - BMW M3 (Supercar Driver)
147. Andy - Porsche 911 Turbo (Supercar Driver)
148. Scott - Honda NSX (Supercar Driver)
149. BennyD - Maserati 4200 (Supercar Driver)
150. crazydave impreza sti nwc
151. Huddersfieldlad Skyline R35
152. Big Fud UK22b -Spec c
153. Steverashi - WRX
154. Dino4 - evo x
155. Joe TRL - evo 7
156. Sbn1979
157. smigz
158. Evo4gra
159. rookie7
160. Bazzah
161. Rugslasher - evo x
162. M1k3
163. issy hak
164. evo-_-star
165. evo chris - evo MR FQ
166. Jen CTR CTRO
167. TomC22 CTRO
168. Sedge CTRO
169. Paul CTRO
170. Parker CTRO
171. roystinho (Danny) - Clio V6
172. otter gsi - vectra gsi saloon
173. white bullet - omega mv6 silver vvoc member
174. ST3 Luke Ford RST
175. Kev Ford RST
176. Byron Ford RST
177. Macsport
178. Jamescst3 Ford Focus ST in Red
179. Kraigy ST3 Ford RST
180. Neil Johnson airbrushing Ford RST
181. RottweilerMick Ford RST
182. Vicarofsheff Ford RST
183. *z3ero Ford RST
184. sykes2009 Ford RST
185. *dandyfat Ford RST.
186. dest - Audi RS4 Avant
187. bones5968 driving R35 GT-R
188. Ved MK5 R32 Golf (here and R32OC)
189. Trusty- vw splitscreen
190. RB5_390 (Wardy rb5oc) Grey Impreza RB5 (Essex region)
191. cjsuk -A3 8L - audi-sport.net
192. jarvoP1 (p1
193. Darren James (MD Subaru UK) - Driving Subaru BRZ
194. Steve Page - Driving Subaru WRX STi - Pro-R subaru uk
195. Richard Lester - Driving Subaru WRX STi - Pro-R subaru uk
196. bobthe boss impreza nwc
197. p1kev (P1)
198. Bueller Ferrari 355 Spider (Supercar Driver)
199. Project Bayern Bentley Continental (Supercar Driver)
200. Mat ed30 mk5 golf gti edition 30
201. Donny Andi evo 9
202. Bodhi808 - Celica GT4 (GT4OC)
203. Yasar evo 9
204. Scoobysteve69
205. velcro7373
206. wrx9181....ukscoobies
207. !-terzo-!...ukscoobies
208. ollie997....ukscoobies
209. boozydave...ukscoobies
210. willN....ukscoobies
211. tattoorick..ukscoobies
212. dazlad...ukscoobies
213. ptmw...ukscoobies
214. Huffy...ukscoobies
215. Billy3...ukscoobies
216. stuwrx05...ukscoobies
217, scoobybry...ukscoobies
218. samben ...ukscoobies
219. whitewagonman...ukscoobies
220. leeroyp1...ukscoobies
221. pokerpro - sti ppp
222. Zohan and possibly my significant other
223. dean wrx ra forum
224. Tom944...Porsche 944 S2
225. Colinm101 SN/Scottish Scoobies
226. Pro Acoustics Demo Car (Mk2 or Mk3 golf depending) Will also be raffling something off with procedes going to the charity
227. Shivaun - VXRONLINE
228. Craigyvxr - VXRONLINE
229. Demessiah TTRS MTM Nardo
230. 666bod aka bod1 from ssc
231. Keith777 mk Indy
232, E130dan ~ Honda s2000
233. Eurorob ~ CTRO
234. Chiefnerd/Chris Nicholaidis (DS3Club&NEMM)- DS3 DSports+ black
235. Jagster (DS3Club) - DS3 Dsports+ White
236. Gumgumpug (DS3Club)- DS3 Dsports Sport Yellow
237. Wrxbart gold impreza
238. Wrxbart RB5
239. Layts fto
240. Wagon Gaz YPCO
241. DPG87 - Honda Civic Type R (FN2) - Civinfo
242. grumpypants - Legacy GT-B
243. TheMadHouse - VXRONLINE
244. kirky2k4 - VXRONLINE
245. Black 1
246. carl1962-bugeye wrx
247. Chester gx
248. Insanity-74 - Celica GT4 (GT4OC & CCUK)
249. Jackmcl - BMW 5 series (Sarnia Car Club)
250. K'han Holden - Honda Civic Type R (Sarnia Car Club)
251. Niall_farley - (BMWforums.info)
252. Alex Roy ~ Team polizei Ferrari 599
253. Beehive Paul R32 (r32 OC)
254. Tom WRX type RA
255. Steve Green Estate Scooby
256. CheZZoR - Mazda RX8 - ukmkivs.net
257. Myitshot - Celica GT4 (GT4OC)
258. amy100 (Nissan 200sx)
259. RoB34 - RB320 (RB320oc)
260. JDEN - WRX Impreza WYS and WYIOC (the original 254)
261. lee_h BMW 318Ci (BMWforums.info)
262. omair (m5)
263. Spud26- MLR Evo 6
264. straitinow - Mitsubishi FTO (ftooc.org)
265. Copps2007 and the boys, blue bmw 540i
266. T5NYW - Impreza
267. donut_01 Beetle Cab
268. bmw my bitch - BMW E46 330 cabriolet (BMWforums.info)
269. SnakyPaintbrush (Skylineowners.com)
270. davetwr1
271. Michael E Howe VW GT40
272. Mitch - Renault Sport Clio 197 (VAGOC.co.uk)
273. Anakin - Audi TTRS (VAGOC.co.uk)
274. Sewell - VW Golf GTI (VAGOC.co.uk)
275. russ-5-evo 5 (mlr)
276. treb0r - Impreza Spec C (CADS)
277. kev1
278. stevotheevo
279. captmike
280. V8 Steve - noble m12 3r
281. Recovery Ray - wrx wagon
282. AndehW - Ford Anglia
283. VR46-G@Z- Modded Renaultsport Clio 182
284. shawn r - evo 6 (snet+MLR)
285. Alain Porter (fcoclub.co.uk) will be there in bmw
286 UncleFista in a Zetec "7"
287. Vauxman , mk3 astra gsi (vvoc)
288. johns_120 , ph1 red gsi estate (vvoc)
289. Tristram - R32 - (R32OC)
290. scotty & kim (SSC – Staffs Subaru)
291. Karl (SSC – Staffs Subaru)
292 andy & jo (SSC – Staffs Subaru)
293. ade & joe (SSC – Staffs Subaru)
294. roy & sarah (SSC – Staffs Subaru)
295. Stv (SSC – Staffs Subaru)
296. Andy & Andi (SSC – Staffs Subaru)
297. Bicco & Claire (SSC – Staffs Subaru)
298. Jimlad (SSC – Staffs Subaru)
299. AndehW - Ford Anglia (2nd)
300.Bagpuss 127 1970 Ford Mustang Coupe
301. Alex from France - Avantime V6
302. Myles - Bugeye WRX.
303. FRMATT - Ibiza FR - Pistonheads
304. Mrchips
305. Special guest scooby with trailer C/O Jamescsti.
306. Dave_gt2 - BMW E39 M5 (m5board.com)
307.Martin&Elaine Focus RS, Border Sports and Performance Owners Club Scotland
308.911boxters wife
309. Mulc Ferrari 355
310. Stephendjb - Project Stealth Toyota
311. Steven Heriot Blob STI Border Sports And Performance Owners Club Scotland
312. PolizeiYT (tba)
313. mgoliveruk
314. Chris17 - Classic Mini or BMW 125i
315. monstermatt - Audi S3
316. Troy Noble M12 GTO-3
317. Johnky - BMW M6
318. Johnky - Maserati Granturismo
319. Andy D, S202, CADS
320. Tommy2396 -330s
321. saturnuranus - BMW E39 M5 - M5board.com
322. Top Smoker(tm) - Civic Vti
323. shimy type r- porsche
324. JasonM - Integra TypeR - ITR-DC2
325. flatpopely - BMW M3
326. Deadeye - BMW 335
327. FroSt1 - 480bhp Blobeye
328. ChrisF - Legacy or Impreza
329. M3Tim - BMW M3 - (BMWforums.info)
330. Jones/OMJ - BMW M3 - (BMWforums.info)
331. -Silver Surfer - Red Gen 7 Celica
332. Cf136322 - ctr fn2 (civinfo)
333. Andy Mac - RS4 Avant
334. Potato Muncher TVR Chimaera 4.0
335. oldman-wrx Impreza (CADS)
336. Cidergame - classic mini 30
337. Rogue86
338. motofox
339. Steady-Eddie - VXRONLINE
340. kez the mad man kroozinnorthwest
341. ade ford kroozinnorthwest
342. kiel vauxhall kroozinnorthwest
343. MCR-VTEC xstigx
344. MCR-VTEC sarkel
345. MCR-VTEC pg.99
346. MCR-VTEC sam1510
347. MCR-VTEC josh2490
348. MCR-VTEC Fire_king
349. Insanity-74 Celica GT4OC
350. Celica88 Celica GT4OC
351. Bodhi Celica GT4OC
352. Phil-p Celica GT4OC
353. Toddy1981 - BMW M3 e36
354. Jghs83 - fiesta ZS - rallyesportford.com
355. PaddyShepherd - Rover Mini Open Classic - Theminiforum.co.uk
356. Fido GTR or F10 M5
357. chrisleigh - Astra Owners Club
358. knappers-gsi - Astra Owners Club
359. irmscher95 - Astra Owners Club
360. ASTRA2507 - Astra Owners Club
361. himesh_s - Astra Owners Club
362. Kendo.1985 - Mazda 6 MPS
363. kie_taylor83 - Mazda 3 MPS mki
364. Lanky - Mazda 3 MPS mki
365. Neilx6 Bmw 135i
366. Steven Conchie, Golf GTI B-spoc Scotland
367. Sagarh UK - RX8
368. Rudders - Surrey scoobies
369. aka-dk (audiSRS.com)
370. Scoobyian ukscoobies
371. bigben143 (audiSRS.com)
372. Ryan-W (audiSRS.com)
373. Mikey-S (audiSRS.com)
374. Mellow Yellow ! (aka Northern Chap on Audi SRS) - B7 RS4 Saloon
375. Josh.-Civic EF9
376. Marc F - Pistonheads / Noble M12 GTO
377. Samuelellis's parents - Pug 308cc
378. Jacob Blackburn - Rover Mini Studio 2
379. Kenwood4640 - late model fiat thing
380. de721 - Impreza
381. Danny Simpson
382. Mill - lotus exige s
383. Dan - lotus Elise 111r
384. Colin Hewitt - Lotus Espirit Turbo
385. DazzJb - FTOOC
386. Garyboxer 04wrx (lads)
387. The chief
388. peter tomczynski - vw bora r
389. dean bentley - 02 wrx
390. Rob Hughes - black300zx
391. Ash76 - FN2 Civinfo
392. Dakar rsoc
393. moonstoneMO rsoc
394. RSFdaveRSF rsoc
395. Roscopeco. Rsoc
396. mark richardson rsoc
397. em rsoc
398. ShelleyRSF rsoc
399. Marsheybcrf rsoc
400. dazzer rsoc
401. chris rsoc
402. roblink rsoc
403. monster rsoc escort cosworth
404. dakars mate rsoc
405. mad rich rsoc
406. Hondafanatic - Pistonheads - Civic FD2
407. Daz n Liz - Modified Discovery V8 4x4
408. Andrew Coulton evo4
409. Timmyajmy93wrx
410. Miib14
411. Minifreak .. Vectra gsi hatch rep ,VVOC
412. Chriswall ..Vectra gsi ph2 VVOC
413. scoobyman316. FTO GPX (ftooc)
414. L200 Forum....ebony266
415. Billy, Hatch STI, B-spoc Scotland
416. Andyjayh, RS6 Avant, RS246
417. kath n adam - seat leon cupra
418. firthy sapphire cosworth
419. Tommy V123
420. Dan (SlowVX) VX220 Turbo
421. RevolveR - Volvo S60R
422. treble k (LADS)
423. andywestmancoat - Robin Hood 7
424. 911 ugo - '77 Porsche 930
425. Cross bug impreza sti (lads)
426. JamieB (r32oc) & w10bek - R32
427. Sam MCFC Mason
428. Mark Carradus - Opel Manta
429. Oliver James Thomas - Porsche 993 C2S
430. PhoenixGold - Ducati Hypermotard
431. Reevo - Golf R32 (R32OC)
432. Gizmo86 - Golf R32 (R32OC)
433. Ash -Mk1 Astra (mk1 Astra OC) coming from Germany!
434. Craig W - Honda S2K
435. Jonny W - VW Caddy Van
436. KC - Honda CTR
437. Kammy R34 GTR
438. Ali Honda civic jordan
439. Asi Honda civic Jordan
440. Kammy R35 GTR
441. Fes Impreza RA
442. ProdriveWagon (LADS)
443. KMF. Ariel Atom. (AAOC)
444. Natasha BMW 750i V12 7series register
445. LLoyd BMW 750iL V12
446. Pete BMW 730d
447. Mel BMW 728i
448. Deano - (Viva Potenza forum) Audi A4
449. Viper - (Viva Potenza forum) BMW 330i M Sport
450. Mick - (Viva Potenza forum) Ford Mondeo
451. Green - (Viva Potenza forum) VW GOLF
452. tom_the_great - (Viva Potenza forum) SV650
453. Woodybeefcake - (Viva Potenza forum) Abarth 500
454. dgls.mccb, doug, impreza p1
455. matttp1
456. Gaz2293-(lads)
457. Woods1 - Lee woods - s14a(sxoc)
458. Matt Brown + Bird, GSI Astra Van
459. Az77 - MLR
460. Fatman100 - MLR
461. Ian B-spoc Sti type ra
462. Craig 2.0 sport impreza B-spoc
463. Mikey (LADS)
464. Nick Maffin - Gilbern Invader
465. Col BMW X5 4.4i
466. Daz V12 rallyforheroes
467. hhh182 (hugh) RenaultSport R26.R
468. Mid_Life_Crisis (NESF)
469. Will - MLR
470. Paul - Audi S3
471. Mark - Focus ST
472. Ranj - Focus ST
473. Honda Integra ( Mcr-Vtec )
474. Honda Integra DB8 ( Mcr-Vtec )
475. Honda Civic EG Turbo ( MCR-Vtec )
476. Civic Ej9 ( Mcr-Vtec )
477. Civic EG ( Mcr-Vtec )
478. Subaru Legacy twinturbo
479. Evo 9 fq360
480. Petrolheadmatt Corsa c Zleh ccuk
481. Focus St scott
482. DonnyO (Clio 182)
483. Adamb87 seatcupra.net
484. Whome seatcupra.net
485. Fleshers_Boc (Elliott) seatcupra.net
486. Fozzy89 seatcupra.net
487. MasserS (Will) seatcupra.net
488. Sast (Dan) seatcupra.net
489. Ibizacuprabates (Ash) seatcupra.net
490. CharlieG - R32OC
491. Scoobywrxwagon - Rich
492. culleyd - Mlr
493. stundies - Mlr
494. Specky tigra
495. Forester 1
496. Forester 2
497. s4ddys Vectra Sport.com
498. RADB02 Vectra Sport.com
499. jazzisri Vectra Sport.com
500. Affy - impreza wr sport
501 kay - forester
502. bubz - yellow evo
503. Ajc1988 white classic wagon
504. TomHazard - Postman Pat Van
505. Batman4583 (LADS)
506. Dan (aka 6volt) Wrx wagon
507. jayftosalford (FTOOC)
508. Tanya D (FTOOC)
509. sbn1979 (MLR/EvoOwners)
510. Michelle (EvoOwners)
511. Greeny ..... golf anniversary
512. Robbo ...... Audi A3
513. Paul - Lotus Exige (Supercar Driver)
514. Rachel - Lotus Elise (Supercar Driver)
515. Scott - BMW M5 (Supercar Driver)
516. john - Jag C Type (Supercar Driver)
517. Colin - Noble M12 (Supercar Driver)
518. Darren - Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 1 (Supercar Driver)
519. Harry - Mk5 red golf
520. TomC - Audi A3 (Cliosport)
521. Stokie4ker (Clio 182) (Cliosport)
522. Jaguar Jane ....Jaguar XKR
523. Mr2 turbo Aasim
524. Rickmanchester - Focus Zetec S
525. Jamie - Ford Capri
526. Blingscooby - Seat Cupra R
527. rotty666 - motorbikes
528. Stand easy
529. Dan & Yvonne - SSC (Staffs Subaru)
530. Mark44 - SSC (Staffs Subaru)
531. Phil ra
532. MadCrazyFrogLady - WRX hatchbk
533. porthoshsc - Ferrari F355
534. Stiff - Mercedes S320
535. shaywoody - VXRONLINE
536. VXR.Dan & alex_robbo1990 - VXRONLINE
537. Arden Starks - VXRONLINE
538. Hillbut8 focus ST
539. Tom brady - Celica GT-Four WRC
540. samopangy evo 8 fq300
541. Starlet turbo DOM
542. Supra Turbo Peter
543. wr pete scoobynet 03 STI
544. rottweiller (LADS) Bug WRX
545. s800byn (LADS
546. Zanna, blue 350z KO** FNC
547. Leviathan65 - Civic Type R FN2 (Civinfo)
548. Z3 Heath
549. Matthew needham focus st (tuning society)
550. Mr big mondeo st220
551. Ian's and jules soarer 2.5t
552. Jimbo gsi, Astra gsi
553. Matt vxronline
554. WR1 Jock aka Dave Garden
555. Tom starkey blue vxr ( tuning society)
556. Ben slater ctro
557. Frannie audisport
558. Alasdair unwin mgcc
559. Alex Lacey - Diablo red 106 gti (tuning society)
561. Tony firth, old Skool Volvo.

Local car clubs (Subaru)
Surrey Scoobs -5 cars
Midland Scoobs - 15 cars
North East Subaru Forum - 13 cars

Other car clubs
Tuning society gb -15 cars
R5 gt owners 6 cars
South Yorkshire Dubs - 5 cars
Forced-Induction.co.uk - 15 cars (from mirfield)
Ford RST - 20 cars
Supercar Driver - 20 cars
Serious detailing + 25
Astra owners network - 20 cars
Ukmkivs.net - 11 cars
Fiat coupe club - 20 cars
Mazda rx8 owners club 6 cars
Focusstoc 10 cars
FocusRSOC - 15 cars
Unknown Modifiers - 6 cars
Morris Minor Owners Club - 5 cars
BodgeITMotorsport - 10 cars

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